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Refrigerant: R600a、R134a

Main characteristic: it was the result with many years experiences for the study of frequency conversion technology, with 22 national authorized patents, with wide range of cooling capacity, high efficiency ,low noise ,stable starting & running ability ,applicable for wide range of voltage condition , running with variable speed, high reliability ; high COP which can reach 1.95W/W and with several kinds of frequency conversion control solutions, such as general (electronic), intelligent (mechanical) or both of them.

Applications: refrigerator, freezer, commercial freezer, display cabinets, commercial refrigerator, etc.

Product Description Product Appearance Product Performance Product Accessories
Type: frequency conversion Model: LU88PY1
Refrigerant: R600a Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50Hz Application: LBP
HP: 1/5 Displacement(cm?):
Cooling: F1 Lubricant Type: ISO5
Lubricant(ml): 250 Motor Type: BLDC
Starting Type: LST Starter: CURRENT

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Refrigerating capacity COP
Refrigerating capacity COP
W Kcal W Kcal


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