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To adopt a new color plate, antifouling surface, beautiful appearance, stable, generous, optimizing the cooling system, improve the refrigeration efficiency, the brand, high efficiency compressor, machine operation noise is small, using magnetic drive pump water structure, safety and health, lever type liquid push handle, an operation force, convenient

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Type: tradition Model: L58CZ1
Refrigerant: R134a Voltage: 160-260V
Frequency: 50Hz Application: LBP
HP: 1/6 Displacement(cm?): 5.8
Cooling: S Lubricant Type: RL22H
Lubricant(ml): 200±5 Motor Type: RSIR
Starting Type: LST Starter: PTC


Refrigerating capacity COP
Refrigerating capacity COP
W Kcal W Kcal
145 125 1.25 109 94 0.97


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